With the development of society and the improvement of our life, we have higher requirements for the environments we are living in. So we did lots of things to protect our environment. Such as the widely use of bagasse products is one of what we did, Bagasse Container, Bagasse Plates, Bagasse Cup, all these products are the application of bagasse product. this article will help you to learn deeply about this material products.


What is bagasse?

You may heared about sugarcane, but do you really know about bagasse ?

As we all know sugarcane is one of the main raw material for sugar production. There are about 50% left after sugar extraction and that is bagasse. The fiber length is between 0.6mm and 2.2mm, the width is 20-29um. So the fiber shape couldn’t catch wood & bambo, but it’s higher than rice & straw fibers.

Because of bagasse special features, it’s very popular in our life.

Why Bagasse ( Sugarcane Fiber ) Popular In Our Life ?

Advantage 1: Renewable Resources

Sugarcane is a rapidly growing renewable resources. it was mainly used for refine sugar and most of bagasse was wasted. In 2000, World sugar cane production is 1255.89 million metric tons, but in 2019, it’s already reach 1949.31 million metric tons.


The statistics come from Statista

Advantage 2: Compostable

Bagasse is a compostable & biodegradable raw material. it can be decomposed around 60 days. like bagasse plates, it just need 40~65 Day ( Check article for time needed for different material to decompose). No residue left & Provide rich nutrients to the soil.

Advantage 3: Reduce Carbon Emissions

Sugarcane is a plant, In the process of growth, it will absorb carbon dioxide from the air. Meanwhile because of bagasse application, It can reduce people’s use of wood and plastic, Thereby reducing global carbon emissions。

What is the application for bagasse

Application 1: Bagasse can be made into Biodegradable Tableware

We can use sugarcane fiber to make various biodegradable food tablewares. At present, we have high & mature technology to use bagasse but instead of wood to make it. Which can reduce tree felling, and protect the environment. It is the most widely & successfully application for bagasse. Below are the several kinds of tableware that we often see in our lives.

Application 2: Bagasse can be made into feed for animal


It can be mixed with urea, then fermented and finally dried and ground into powder, which can be used as feed for cattle, sheep & pig. Because it contains high sugar and nutrients

Application 3: Bagasse can made into production fuel, alcohol


The bagasse fiber can be converted into sugar, then made into alcohol, fuel etc.