Disposable cups is widely used & be a very important role in our life
Sometimes in the places that people are crowded, we use disposable cups. Because it can avoid the spread of disease. it will be more safety. When we drink water or coffee, we can use it directly and we can throw it into dustbin without extra clean, so you can see it’s extremely convenient. This page will have a detailed & professional introduction of different types of disposable cup

What Are Disposable Cups

Disposable cup is one of food packaging. It’s a small container for drinking or food. but it has very limited number of use and normally for single use. There are many types for disposable cups. it’s depends on what standard that we choose.

different disposable cups

Types Of Disposable Cup

There are many different categories for disposable cups on the market, Because the basis of classification are different, the catalog will be different.

For example, if you take usage as the basis, it can be divided into cold drink cup, hot drink cup & ice cream cup. If you take cup structure as the basis, it can divided into single layer cup & double layer cups. This page we take material as the basis, it can be divided into paper cups, plastic cups & foam cups.

No.1: Disposable Paper Cups

What are paper cup made of ?

Obviously paper cups is made of paper. At present, there are lots of materials that can be made into paper for the cup. The main three materials are wood, straw & bagasse sugarcane. Wood is still the main material. In order to protect our natural resources, we use bagasse sugarcane & straw to replace wood to make paper cup.

Type Of Paper CupsAdvantagesDisadvantages
Air Pocket InsulatedKeep your drinks in warm and let your hand don’t get burned by heatAs it’s two layers, which will be more expensive
Poly-Coated PaperVery suitable for hot or cold drinks, the polymer bot only can increase insulation,
also make paper cup more strong
Double poly coated paper cup is not suitable for hot water
Sustainable Paper CupIt’s made from renewable resources, like bagasse cup,
they are compostable, very eco-friendly
Not found at present
Wax-Coated PaperIt’s very suitable for cold beverages. If the paper wax coated,
it can provide extra rigidity and protection from leaks and absorption
Couldn’t be used for hot drink

All above paper cups has different sizes, gram weight, colors. it can be customized as customers requirements

No.2: Disposable Plastic Cups

What are disposable plastic cup made of ?

In the past, the main material for plastic cups are Polystyrene, polypropylene, PET and these materials are still widely used for disposable plastic cup at present. Because of the environmental protection, the compostable plastic cup appeared and popular on market, Like PLA corn plastic.

Types Of Plastic CupsAdvantagesDisadvantages
Hard disposable cupsVery hard wall, not easy break, suitable for hot & cold drinkingHigh cost and expensive
Thin Wall Plastic CupsIt’s made from durable polypropylene, low cost & cheap price, good for cold drinksNot suitable for hot drinks
PolystyreneIt has solid & clean colors, suitable for various party & festivalsNot suitable for hot drinks
CompostableIt’s compostable & no harmful to our environmentNot found

Noted: Above disposable plastic cups, many different sizes, shapes, gram weight & colors are available. meanwhile support customization.

No.3: Disposable Foam Cup

What are foam cup made of

Foam cup is made from Expanded Polystyrene (EPS).



It’s light weight and just like paper cup, but it will be better to keep it’s shape.
It’s a great insulator. so it can hold hot & cold beverages. So that you are not easily burned.


Strictly speaking, foam cup is also a plastic cup. And most certainly it can be recycled. However it’s very hard to be recycled. Because the recycling center for foam cup is very very less. The recycling process is expensive and inconvenient. Moreover it’s very hard to decompose. So all in all, it’s not eco friendly cup.