Have you ever find that there are lots of plastic plates be used in the past 10 years? Especially when holding a party or big events. However now a days, we seldom to use it, and most of time replaced by paper plates, More important, it’s getting more & more popular.


So what’s the pros and cons for paper plates ?

The Pros For Paper Plates

First: It is 100% compostable & biodegradable

As we know paper plates are made from plant fiber, no additives. very natural. For example Bagasse Plate is one of popular paper plates. It’s made of sugarcane fiber. It can be broken down by microorganisms within 60 days and increasing soil nutrients

Second: Paper Plates is very Convenient to use

Most of paper plates are disposable, when you buy some for party or home use, you don’t need to wash them up. It can be used for food directly. and after your party, we can throw them into dustbin without special handling required. Or we can just fill it in the soil, maybe in your garden. Because we don’t need to worry that it will bring pollution to our environment.

Third: Its practicality is very perfect

With the technology development, paper plates has better and better practicality, which 100% can replace plastic plates. It’s very durable & strong, taking light food is no problem for them. Like cake, fruit, salad. Then it’s water and oil resistance, Don’t worry about it leaking and make your cloth and table dirty. More important, it’s heart resistance, it can be used for cold & hot food both.

Although paper plates has some very good pros, however it also has it’s limitation.

The Cons For Paper Plates

First: Paper Plates couldn’t be recycled

When you take it for food from it’s package, that means you have to use it. Otherwise you it will useless. Because it’s paper, although it’s water & oil resistance, but we couldn’t wash it in water and we couldn’t let them in water for too long, otherwise it will be very easy to be breaken

Second: Paper Plates couldn’t take heavy food

You have to understand that it’s just paper plate, and the thickness is very slim. that means it couldn’t take heavy food. And if the weight is higher than 05kgs, you’d better to change to other food plates, like Porcelain dinner plate

Third: It will increase our consumption of forest resources

As we know that some paper made from wood, and then made into paper plate. in that way, if our consumption of paper plates increased, we will need more wood & cut down more trees

Conclusion: In our daily life, we may use various food plates, which can help us to get our food easily & safety. However it also cause very serious environment problem. So we suggest to use Paper plates more. Because it is very Eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable & compostable, which is a very good alternative to plastic plates.