Biodegradable Bagasse Cutlery


Description: Bagasse cutlery is a popular compostable cutlery. 100% made from sugarcane pulp, it’s a quick-growing, sustainable, recyclable and renewable plant. It can be quickly decomposed by microorganisms in nature.

Sugarcane Bagasse Properties: They are water-resistant, oil-resistant, heat-resistant, unbleached, durable biodegradable crockery. perfect for hot & cold food.

Benefits: Compared  with plastic cutlery, our sugarcane cutlery are comparable in size & sturdiness. but it can reduce carbon emissions, reduce waste of resources, and reduce damage to our environment.

Product Specifications

Product NameSize (mm)WeightPcs/bag
Bagasse Knife165×224g50
Bagasse Fork165×383.6g50
Bagasse Spoon145×354.3g50

Three Kinds Of Bagasse Cutlery Available At Trendz Green

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The Difference Between Bagsse Cutlery & Other Cutlery

MaterialBagasse CutleryWooden CutleryCPLA CutleryPlastic CutleryPSM CutleryBamboo Cutlery
Tree-free renewable resourcesΧΧΧΧ
Biodegradable and compostableΧΧΧΧΧ
Food Safety
Natural and organicΧΧΧ
Chemicals and toxins freeΧΧΧΧ
Strong and sturdyΧΧ

About Manufacturer & Supplier

Trendz Green is a professional bagasse cutlery manufacturer in China since 2008. We can produce & supply Different Sizes, Kinds & Packing. Customization supported. Because of quality product & fast lead time, our bagasse tableware is widely recognised on the world. If you are interested in our products, feel free to contact us.


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