As we all know that there will be a big waste of food plates left after a big event. Like wedding, party, picnic. most of the food plates are disposable. if it couldn’t be decomposed in natural, sure it will cause big pollution to our environment.

If you want to planning a wedding. Sure there are lots of things that you should to consider. But among them i think the food plate for wedding should be one of the important thing in your list.

First, as it’s wedding use, so the plate should be look like very beautiful. A good-looking dinner plate will definitely make your wedding more beautiful. Second, the plates should be sturdy but very slight, otherwise it will be very easy broken when taking food, not practical and not convenient to be used. Third, it should be eco friendly, disposable or recyclable plates both are compostable, biodegradable & sustainable. The last, the cost is also very important, it couldn’t exceed the budget for wedding.

We List Top 6 Eco friendly Plates For Wedding.

It is made of sugarcane fiber, which is a waste material generated in the sugar making process. Sugarcane is a rapidly growing renewable resource. When making the plate, no additives are needed. So we can say that it is 100% natural. normally It can be decomposed around 60 days and it’s compostable.

At the wedding, it can hold hot & cold food both. Heat resistance up to 120°F. So it can be used in refrigerators and ovens. If you want to eat food with oil or soup, there is no problem with bagass plates.

There are two traditional colors on the market, gray and white. The surface is very smooth. It has many different sizes and can be made into different shapes. So its wedding is very beautiful.

More importantly, the price is very cheap. If you are looking for bagasse plates, Trendz Green will be your best choice. As the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier, they can provide you with many different sizes, colors and shapes. They can also provide OEM services. This means that your packaging can be customized with your own logo.


No.2: Palm Leaf Plates

Obviously it’s made from Palm Leaf. mainly supplied by India. we checked the whole production process. from the raw material collection, product processing to end product, there is no any additive. so it’s completely natural.

Palm leaf is a renewable resource. meanwhile it also can be breaken down in the ground within 90 days. it’s compostable & sustainable plate.

It also has a very unique natural color & color and surface texture. when it appeared in the wedding, which looked very upscale. It’s very  lightweight and very convenient to use.

India has fruitful palm leaf resources. so it’s mainly supplied by india market.

The price is also very cheap, very suitable for wedding


No.3: Disposable Bamboo Plates

There are two different bamboo plates. what we talked here is disposable bamboo plates. made from the protective sheath of bamboo. very slight & mainly used for big events like wedding. no additive added during the whole production process. so it’s 100% compostable & biodegradable.

The disposable bamboo plate is very hard, it’s oil & water resistance. but compared with bagasse plates. It breaks easily. so if you use it to take light food, like fries, jam, cakes, it work well. but you’d better not use it to take heavy food, like steak. also for the food which is too hot, it will be not very suitable, because the Insulation effect is not very good

China is the main manufacturer & supplier for disposable bamboo plates. the biggest cost is the material purchase. so the price is very cheap also.


No.4: Birch Wood Plates

When i talke about birch wood plates. you may think it’s not eco friendly. because it will destroy our forest. actually this is a misunderstanding. Tree is a renewable resources. and with human help, it can grow more fast. As long as we cut down trees scientifically and reasonably, it won’t destroy our forest. As the material is birch wood. so it’s 100% compostable, sustainable & biodegradable.

Birch Wood can be easily made into various plates. round shape, square shape, oval. and the size is also can be customized as your neeeds. disposable wooden plates appeared on the market very early. the product is very mature. and the unit price is acceptable on the market. so it’s also very suitable for wedding.

China is not only the big consumer market for this plate, it’s also the main manufacturer & supplier for this product. many of them located in southeast of China. because it’s near to the raw material.


No.5: Paper Plates

Compared with other eco friendly plates, the option for paper plates is more flexible, various color, size, shape, gram weight are available. if you use it for wedding, we can pick up High-end paper, together with white & smooth outline, sure greatly embellish the wedding. moreover, it’s the cheapest one. because the production cost can keep in a very low level

It’s made of plant fiber, many kinds of plant that can be made into paper & then be paper plates. so it’s sustainable. it can be decomposed within 60 days, it’s a compostable plate.

Compard with above eco friendly plates. it’s the cheapest one. so it’s a good choice for wedding.

If you are looking for paper plate, you can search in on Alibaba. because you can find many China suppliers for it, but with a very beautiful price.


No.6: Disposable Corn Starch Plates

It is a new type of starch tableware developed by high-tech. including corn starch, tapioca starch, soybean starch, which is harmless to the human body. The corn-based material is preferable for companies as the raw material, corn is sustainable, cheap, and easy to produce. it is a renewable resource that is inexhaustible and inexhaustible. it can be decompsed within 90 days in the ground.

The plates are water & oil resistance, anti-soaking, hot & cold food both okay, workable for refrigerator freezing, cold storage, fresh food, microwave heating. White plate & smooth surface

When meet a big events like wedding, Disposable Corn Starch Plates is a very good choices