Kraft Bowl

Compostable Kraft Bowl For Salad

  • Material: Kraft Paper
  • Volume: 350ml, 500ml, 750ml, 900ml
  • Printing: Embossing, UV Coating, Varnishing, Glossy Lamination, Stampin
  • Color: Kraft Brown
  • Usage: For Salad & Other Food
  • Brand: Trendz Green
Quantity (CTNS)0~100101~300>300
Lead Time7 Days15 Days28 Days
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Trendz Green Kraft Paper Bowl for Food With Different Sizes

Model No.VolumeSize (cm)ColorPacking WayPacking
NBHJG0006350ml13×11×4.6Kraft BrownPE Bag300pcs/ctn
NBHJG0007500ml14.8×12.8×4.6Kraft BrownPE Bag300pcs/ctn
NBHJG0008750ml14.8×12.8×6Kraft BrownPE Bag300pcs/ctn
NBHJG0009900ml18.5×16×5Kraft BrownPE Bag300pcs/ctn
NBHJG000101000ml14.8×12.8×7.8Kraft BrownPE Bag300pcs/ctn
NBHJG000111100ml16.5×14.5×6.8Kraft BrownPE Bag300pcs/ctn
NBHJG000121300ml18.5×16×6.5Kraft BrownPE Bag300pcs/ctn
NBHJG000131500ml18.5×16×8.4Kraft BrownPE Bag300pcs/ctn
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Manufacturer Introduction

Trendz Green is a professional manufacturer of Biodegradable Kraft Paper Food Packaging. Founded in 2009, Located in Ningbo China. Including All kinds of Kraft Food Containers, Boxes, Soup Cup, Salad Bowl and so on.

Because it’s perfect application in food industrial. It’s getting more & more popular. In order to meet different customers requirements, there many different sizes, packing & types available in our factory. For some big buyers and we support OEM services.

Right now our products has exported to Europe, Americal, Canada, Middle East, Austria and so on. There are more than 30 countries that can get our kraft paper food packaging.

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