For most of us, when talking about compostable plates, the first thing that came into your mind should be eco friendly, biodegradable and no pollution. and that is also one of our mian consideration when we decide to buy a food plates. But do you really know compostable plates! This article will help you to understand how compostable plates decompose from different aspects.

One This Page you will learn:

  • What is compostable plate
  • What plates is compostable on the market
  • How long does it take for compostable plate to decompose?
  • What you can do with compostable plate

What Is Compostable Plates ?

When you want to take food on a picnic & you will use food plates. After you finish your dining and maybe you will throw away the plates that you used. But you don’t need to worry about the environmental pollution, because the organic matter of plate can be recycling. it can be decomposed by microorganisms. and then it switch into a valuable fertilizer and enrich our soil. that is compostable plates. such as various paper plates, bagasse plate, wooden plate and so on.

What Plates Is Compostable On Market ?

Right now One of the main topic on the world is environmental protection. The compostable tableware is more and more important for every country. Some country even make the relevant policy to forbidden the tableware that is not compostable. so the compostable plates is become very necessary. below are the main compostable plates appeared on the market.

It’s one of very popular paper plate on the market. It’s made from sugarcane fiber, which is the wast from the sugar process. It’s a quickly renewable resources. it can be made into different tableware. Such as bagasse plate, cutlery, cup, food container & so on. find more details of bagasse plates here!


At many parties, picnics, festivals & some big events, we can see lots of disposable paper plates. you may have answer that if it can be decomposed. just check if it’s plastic & silver coated. if it’s not and the answer is yes. the paper plates is Compostable and can be decomposed.


#3: Wooden Plates

Obviously the plates is made from wooden (birch). So we can see it’s made from plant. The manufacturing process is very simple, more of the work is just to change the physical form, no other substances added. They can be broken down by nature  and be compostable


#4: Cornstarch Plates

This is a new application of cornstarch. However at present, because of technology & cost limitation, it’s not very widely used.

How Long Does It Take For Compostable Plate to Decompose?

Different plates has different features. the time needed for decompose is also different. also the size & the condition that the plates in both effect the time for decompose. normally the smaller and the faster it will be. If the surrounding environment is humid and warm, it will be more quickly to break down. below is a sheet for the general time that needed.

The Type For PlatesTime For Decompose
Bagasse PlatesFrom 40~65 Days
Wooden/Bamboo PlatesAround 180 Days (depends on the kinds of plates)
Paper PlatesFrom 45~180 Days (depends on the kinds of paper )
Cornstarch PlatesAround 90 Days

What You Can Do With Compostable Plate?

For compostable plates, Due to the special properties and it’s no harmful to our environment, also this kind of plate is very expensive compared with others, it’s disposable and very convenient to use.

How to keep it before you use it.

You need to know that if it get wet, it will start decompost. so before you use it, you have to keep it in a wet & sealed packing. please also noted that most of compostable plates couldn’t be keep for so long. that means you should use them in a short time.

How to deal with it after you use it.

In order to imporve our life & keep the public space clean, there are lots of dustbin near to you. when you are ready to throw the plates away, please make sure to let them in the dustbin according to the different marked; if there is no dustbin, you also can handle them. for example in your yard, you can bury them in the soil.