When we go party, festival & picnic, we will see various disposable plates.
When it appeared on the market, Because it’s very cheap price & convenient to us, it’s getting more and more popular among young people.
Here are some detailed introduction & comparison for disposable cutlery.

What is disposable cutlery

When we talke about disposable cutlery, you will think of plastic forks, disposable wooden spoon, disposable knife, bagasse forks. yes, all of them are disposable cutlery. it’s part of flatware, but these cutlery are designed to be used once or only a limited number of times and then thrown away, most of them only could be used for one time.


What is disposable cutlery made of

There are many materials that can be made into disposable cutlery. We have sorted out the main materials as below on the market.

No.1polyproylene/PolystyreneDisposable Plastic Cutlery
No.2Plant StarchPSM Cutlery
No.3Bagasse SugarcaneDisposable Bagasse Cutlery
No.4BambooDisposable Bamboo Cutlery
No.5WoodDisposable Wooden Cutlery

Different disposable cutlery comparison

When you decide to do the business of disposable cutlery. think about your market needs, your budget & the market policy. because different types of disposable has it’s advantage & disadvantage. sure below comparison of them that can will help you to make the right & suitable decision.

Disposable Plastic Cutlery


Price Level:
No matter it’s polyproylene or Polystyrene, it’s the cheapest disposable cutlery, the production can keep in very low cost

It has the strongest flexibility, not easy to break. Moreover it has very strong corrosion resistance, can keep in the wet & hot food for long time

Heat Tolerance:
Polyproylene that can Up to 250°F. Polystyrene that can up to 180°F

Market Supply:
Various gram weight & Size & Color

Polyproylene is very hard to be decomposed, it’s not compostable.

If the garbage is not handled well, it is easy to cause environmental pollution

In some area & country, disposable plastic cutlery is forbidden

Bagasse Cutlery


Price Level:
Among disposable cutlery, the price is a little higher than plastic cutlery, but it’s cheaper than others.

They are water-resistant, oil-resistant, heat-resistant, unbleached, and durable.

Eco Friendly:
It’s made of bagasse sugarcane, a quickly growing renewable resources.
It’s very easy to break down from 45 to 60 days. it’s compostable, no harmful to our environment.

The heat tolerance is up to 120°F, which is enough to meet our daily use

Market Condition:
It’s become the most hot alternative to disposable plastic cutlery. many different type, size & gram weight available.

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The flexibility and durable is not as strong as plastic cutlery.

PSM Cutlery


Price Level:
The price is also very cheap, but higher than bagasse cutlery & plastic cutlery

High strength and high heat tolerance, because it’s made with 70% renewable resources and traditional plastic, like polypropylene. compared with plastic cutlery, it’s more sustainable.

Heat Tolerance that can up to 200°F

It’s also not compostable

It’s also not easy to be decomposed, but better than 100% plastic cutlery

Disposable Bamboo Cutlery


Price Level:
Compared with other four disposable cutlery, it’s the most expensive one

It’s the most durable & strongest disposable cutlery. the surface is very smooth.

Heat Tolerance that can up to 160°F

Eco Friendly:
Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource. Because it’s made of natural bamboo, it’s compostable

Compared with other material, bamboo cutlery is more expensive.

Disposable Wooden Cutlery


Price Level:
It’s also a very cheap one, but higher than plastic

It’s also very durable & strong, with a little flexibility.
The heat tolerance is up to 150°F

Eco Friendly:
It’s made of renewable resouces. meanwhile it’s compostable & biodegradable. no any harmful to our environment.

Market Condition:
It’s the second widely used on the market. with many different outline, size & gram weight.

As it’s made of wood. so if it’s not be controlled & it will destroy our forest resources

Wooden cutlery is porous and absorbent, so it could absorb bacteria and moisture from food and liquids

Where to buy disposable cutlery

If you want to buy or do the business of disposable cutlery, selecting the right & suitable supplier is quite important. with a good supplier, you can enjoy more competitive price, moreover the product quality & services are guaranteed.

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