What is CPLA Cutlery

PLA is a biodegradable & renewable material, which is made from corn, cassava or some other crops. CPLA is a Crystallised PLA, it can be made into higher temperature ( the heat resistance can up to 90ºC). So we can use it to make CPLA Cutlery.

CPLA Cutlery is one of Eco-friendly tableware. It not only has the same function of other disposable cutlery. But it’s biodegradable & compostable, which is more friendly to our environment.

CPLA Cutlery Set For Sale

There are several kinds of cpla cutlery at Trendz Green. Meanwhile we allow you packing customization. OEM for your own brand is supported.

trendz green cpla cutlery 10 series

CPLA 10 Series

trendz green cpla cutlery 20 series

CPLA 20 Series

trendz green cpla cutlery 30 series

CPLA 30 Series

trendz green cpla cutlery 40 series

CPLA 40 Series

trendz green cpla cutlery 50 series

CPLA 50 Series

trendz green cpla cutlery 60 series

CPLA 60 Series

About Manufacturer

Trendz Green is a leading supplier of CPLA Cutlery, we focus on the production of biodegradable tableware & food packaging since 2009. Located in Ningbo China.

Health & Safety is very important for food plates. Trendz Green has all necessary certificates for bagasse plates. Which can prove that our product is safe to use.

With many years developments, Because of our rich experience,high quality, competitive price & powerful ability of customization. Our products has exported to over 50 countries. Including North America, Australia, Europe & South Africa.

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