With the development of takeout platforms, more and more young people choose to order food from it. It’s convenient & fast. But because there are lots disposable food containers be used, it also caused great harm to the environment. So biodegradable food container as the takeout container is very necessary. This article will help you to learn more about biodegradable food container.

What are biodegradable food container made of ?

Plant fiber

Currently biodegradable food container that made of plant fiber are the most popular one on the market. It use straw , bagasse and other plant fiber as raw material, like bagasse box, No PP material added.


Corn Starch

Natural corn starch and plant fiber as the basic material, supplemented by bio-polyester, polyol and other materials


PLA Material

PLA composite film is produced and processed from polylactic acid, which can be compounded on paper product by heating.


Why Choose Biodegradable Food Container ?


Very clean & safe

It’s very important for food container. It can stop the spread of disease, provide health & fashion food container for customers. It has a great significance for protecting human health

Convenient and fast

The development of society has accelerated people’s lives. Biodegradable food container application not only ensure the health of customers, but also save people’s dining time and ensure our dining hygiene in public. It really brings a great convenience to all of us

Environmental Protection

Using straw, bagasse sugarcane, a renewable raw material, to avoid waste of resources and turn waste into treasure. Meanwhile avoid environmental pollution in the process of wheat straw processing. More important, among the production and all steps are without any pollution, which greatly protects the living environment of consumers.

How do i know if a container is biodegradable ?


If you couldn’t confirm if the food container is biodegradable, follow the steps below and you will find the answer.

First, you can check the packing and find if there is any mark of biodegradable. The country & area are different, the mark are different. If it’s biodegradable, it has be certified by third party.

Second, you can check the product, if you confirm it’s made of paper material. Then it should be biodegradable.

Third, if it’s look like plastic material. You can check the material from the product outside packing, and do a research for the material by google, sure you will find the answer shortly.

What is the most eco friendly food storage containers?

Above we list four main materials for biodegradable food container. if there is a ranking for eco friendly. It should be Bagasse Food ContainerBagasse Container ( Plant fiber )

Reason 1. It’s made from sugarcane, which is a extremely fast growing material in a short time. It’s renewable & we can make it as much as we need. No need to worry it’s not enough.

Reason 2. It’s the most environmental friendly. from the beginning of material collection, the production, product application, there is no any pollution existed. Even thought you throw them away, it can be decomposed in a short time

Where to buy Biodegradable food container.

At present, it mainly produced by two countries. China & India. Because they have fruitful raw materials. And there production cost can keep in a very low level.

China is the biggest manufacturer and also a big consumer in the world. Many factories located in the middle and northeast of china. Trendz Green is an outstanding representative among them. Focus on biodegradable food container with more than 13 years. Work with many famous brands on the world.