Sugarcane Bagasse Plates

This food plates is 100% made of bagasse (sugarcane fiber). It can be made into different type & sizes. Like Rounded, Square & Oval plates are the regular shape on the market. 6″/ 7″/ 8″/ 9″/ 10″ are the very normal size on the market. As bagasse plate is very malleable, any special types that can be customized.

This kind of plates has very good performance for food. Sugarcane Fiber is very strong & durable. so it can achieve water & oil proof. No matter the food is hot or cold, it has the enough strength to hold it, you can use it in the refrigerator or microwave, 100% safety.

More important it’s 100% come from natual, no any additive. So it very health & eco freindly, it’s Biodegradable & Compostable, which can be decomosed around 60 days.

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6″ Small Sugarcane Paper Plates
9″ Compostable Sugarcane Plate
10″ Square Biodegradable Plate
10.3″ Oval Bagasse Disposable Plate
9″ Bagasse 2 Compartment Plate
10″ Bagasse 3 Compartment Plate


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Sugarcane fiber is widely used in our life & it’s getting more & more popular. Regards the advantages, please read our post “What’s bagasse product

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