Biodegradable Food Containers Wholesale

If you want buy a food container but should be biodegradable & compostable, this one should be exactly meet your needs. The material is 100% bagasse fiber, so it’s Eco-friendly & Natual. Special features including Oil & Liquid Resistant. Microwave Safe, so it’s very popular on the market.

  • Product Size: 8inch×8inch
  • Product Packing: 100 pieces in a bag, 2 bags in a carton
  • Application: Biodegradable Take out Food Container
  • Manufacturer: Trendz Green
  • Support: Free Samples & Customization
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Trendz Green is a professional Biodegradable Food Container Manufacturer in China. Founded in 2009, Located in Ningbo City. With many years developments, we build a long-term business relationship with many Wholesalers, Distributors & some famous retailer brands on the world. our products is widely recognised on the world,

All all food container is made of Sugarcane Fiber, Which is very friendly to our environment. Our Biodegradable Tableware has expended to all biodegradable food packaging, Including Bagasse Cutlery, Sugarcane Plates, Bagasse Cup, Bagasse Tray, Bagasse Bow. Each item has many size & type options, and we support your special customization.

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We welcome to work with every sincere business partner. Buy from Trendz Green, you can get more competitive price with quality products, you can reach various Biodegradable food containers & packing. If you want to get our Catalog, Price List & Free samples, please feel free to send us message.

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