Bagasse Boxes

Bagasse Boxes is also be know as Bagasse Container. It’s very health & safety for food, made of 100% sugarcane fiber, no any additives contained.

It’s very eco friendly, the raw material fast renewable resources, the food box is compostable & biodegradable. It’s very convenient to use, disposable but strong enough to take hot & cold food, more important, it’s water & oil proof. The last, it’s very popular on the market, because the price can keep in a very low level.

Because of special properties, it has very widely application. Often used as burger box, lunch box, meal box, pizza box, takeaway food container and so on.

Hot Sale Models

6 Inch Bagasse Clamshell Burger Box
bagasse-take out-containers
9″x6″ Bagasse Take Out Container
8-inch-biodegradable food containers
8″ Biodegradable Food Containers
4 Compartment Biodegradable Takeaway Container
Bagasse 2 Clamshell Compartment Lunch Box
7″x5″ Disposable Food Container
9 Inch Biodegradable 3 Compartment Lunch Box

About Manufacturer

Trendz Green is a professional bagasse container manufacturer in China. We focus on the production of bagasse tableware since 2009.

More than 10 years developments, we always more competitive price, high quality, fast lead time, we become a leading supplier on the world. Because we support customization, we become a leading OEM factory for many famous brands.

In order to enlarge our market share on the world, we already get all certificates related to bagass boxes. Which can prove that our products is safe & meet market standards.

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Regular Bagasse Takeaway Containers

Because bagasse container has many benefits, so it’s very widely used for takeaways. below are the regular sizes & types which is used as takeaway food container at Trendz Green

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Item No.DescriptionSize (CM)
BG-C401400ml lunch box15.5*10.5*5.1
BG-C401Llid for 440ml16*10.8*1.3
BG-C402680ml lunch box18*12.2*5.3
BG-C403630ml lunch box18*12.5*5.3
BG-C402/403Llid for 680ml18.5*12.5*1.3
Item No.DescriptionSize (CM)
BG-F1016″Χ6″ clamshell30.4×15.3×(3.8+5)

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